Add-Ons & Browser Extensions for Mp3 Juices

Please choose below your browser to be redirected to the correct Mp3Juices add-on installation page.

After adding our MP3juices Plugin Extension to your browser you will see a new icon in your browser toolbar on top by the address bar. From now on you can simply click on the icon when you are visiting a YouTube video URL ( or or a song on Soundcloud. Click on the icon and a small menu will pop up. It will show you an „MP3 Download” and „Search on website” button.

If you click (or tap on mobile) on the „MP3 Download” button, you will then see our website and the conversion of the YouTube video will start automatically. After a few minutes the conversion will be finished, then you can download the converted video as a MP3 file. Or do the whole process for MP4 file. Same with Soundcloud songs, which can be found at the bottom of search results.

If you press the „Search on website” button, you will be then sent to Mp3 Juices main page with our search function, simply enter keywords (song title or artist name) and Mp3 Juices will help you find the music you're looking for.

Please, note: The Add-on Extension icon initially will only be visible in the Firefox browser. To make the Add-on permanently visible in Microsoft Edge you will need to click on the little puzzle piece icon in the right top corner of the browser window, and click on the eye icon next to the add-on title to make it permanently visible in the menu bar. You will need to do the same in Opera only it will be a square icon to start, and a pin icon to finish.